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Apr 25, 2018 to June 1, 2018
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Date Day of Month Time Location Topics
Windows 25-Apr 4th Wed 7:00 PM HTHS-145 A review of Tom Bartel's laptop problems and finally the solution. Then, a look at Macrium Reflect.
BCUG General Meeting 26-Apr 4th Thurs 6:45pm Middletown Library large Community Room Joe Melfi discusses the best way to help make our data unreadable and untraceable - by implementing VPN. Who needs to use a VPN? * Anyone in public... Free/Paid Wi-Fi at coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, hotels, etc.; * Mobile users and travelers that may need to use unfamiliar networks; * Home users for security and privacy; * • EVERYONE!
Word Processing 3-May 1st Thurs 6:30 PM ML CHANGING THE LOOK OF TEXT: Finish off what we did not get to last month - Manually change the look of paragraphs; Create and modify lists. If time permits, how to create a simple Pick List in Word.
CyberQuickies 5-May 1st Sat 10:00 AM Suspended  
Linux 9-May 2nd Wed 7:00 PM Basement of Tinton Falls Borough Hall at 556 Tinton Ave, in Community Room B Bill Chriss: Demonstration of a hand-picked Linux distribution and discuss its features and problems. Lee Maxwell: Demonstration of some practical software available in a Linux distribution. Both will answer questions about Linux.
Multimedia 10-May 2nd Thurs 7:00 PM No meeting in May  
MacWaves 12-May 2nd Sat 10:30 AM EPL Bob Shindel: Demonstration of features found on iOS devices like the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. Lee Maxwell: Demonstration of features found in OS X and Macintosh computers. Both will answer questions about Apple products.
QuickBooks 14-May 2nd Mon 7:00 PM ML Join us if you would like to learn more about QuickBooks accounting software for small businesses. 
Access-VBA 15-May 3rd Tues 7:00 PM S. Rand's Home First, Access for beginners, then we’ll continue to work on Peter Ordygnew’s database.
Excel 16-May 3rd Wed 7:00 PM HTHS-145 The Excel Workshops are a great opportunity to dissect some aspect of Excel (or any other spreadsheet) in great detail. The Workshops are highly interactive among presenters and participants alike. Topics range from the basics to advance and cover many typical day-to-day functions used in a typical office or personal/home environment. Previous Workshop topics have included short-cut keys, custom date formats, the TEXT function, COUNTIFS, VLOOKUP, a carpenter's spreadsheet for spacing balusters, an introduction to VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), and a VBA application for automating Excel headers. Beginners are always welcomed, and users are encouraged to bring spreadsheet problems and solutions.
Graphics 17-May 3rd Thurs 6:15PM  MCLMB Brian Richards: "360 Photography / Video and Virtual Tours or 'Immersive Media". Brian has a very impressive bio that includes experience in the UK, Romania, and here in the US. He is an avid photographer specializing in 360 degree photography. Brian will explain the technical aspects behind this exciting new way of photographing the world and share his insights about how to get great results, and of course we'll see examples. We'll learn about the required equipment, the kind of digital files involved, and how to view and to share these files on HDTV's, on our computers, and on the internet with Facebook, etc.
Database 22-May 4th Tues 7:30 PM Suspended until further notice  
PC Roundtable 22-May 4th Tues 12:00 PM ML Do you have a computer problem? Come to the PC Roundtable and let us help you resolve it. Meet others who have similar interests and are willing to advise. Discussions are free wheeling and cover hardware, software, apps, etc.
Windows 23-May 4th Wed 7:00 PM HTHS-145 Bring in your tired PC
BCUG General Meeting 24-May 4th Thurs 6:45pm Middletown Library large Community Room To be determined.
Internet 28-May 4th Mon 7:00 PM HTHS-145  

See Map for building locations for Brookdale locations:
        ATeC: The Advanced Technology Center - park in Lot 6 or 5, walk along satellite dishes
        MAN: Main Area North - park in Lot 4 or 5        
     MAS: Main Academic South Building - park in Lot 6 or 7.
        HTHS: High Technology High School is at southeast end of Lot 4. 

Check www.brookdalecc.edu or www.hths.mcvsd.org for school closings.

ML: Middletown Library; 55 New Monmouth Rd, Middletown

MCLMB: Marlboro branch of the Monmouth County Library, 1 Library Court & Wyncrest Drive, Marlboro, NJ 07746

EPL: Eatontown Public Library, 33 Broad Street, Eatontown, NJ 07724

TFPL: Tinton Falls Public Library, 664 Tinton Avenue, Tinton Falls, NJ 07724

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