BCUG Workshop/Meeting Schedule
Mar 18, 2018 to Apr 28, 2018
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Date Day of Month Time Location Topics
Excel 21-Mar 3rd Wed 7:00 PM HTHS-145 Last month (Feb), the Excel WS digressed into decimal-to-binary-and-back-to-decimal conversions and precision issues. For March, we will attempt to get back on track with more Stock Market Analysis from Steve London, CPA. In addition, if all goes well, Fred Kagel will come off the bench and demonstrate some simple macros and VBA code. Fred will also introduce 'Speak Cells' in Excel coupled with some of Windows 10 'Ease of Access' options. All topics are subject to digression.
BCUG General Meeting 22-Mar 4th Thurs 6:45pm Middletown Library large Community Room David Williams on Must Have Utilities for Your Computer - Ever wonder how fast your computer is actually running? Do you wonder what type of motherboard you have? Do you want to know the best way to clean up your registry? How about what wireless networks are running in your neighborhood. All this and more is covered in David’s presentation.
Internet 26-Mar 4th Mon 7:00 PM  Canceled  
Database 27-Mar 4th Tues 7:30 PM Suspended until further notice  
PC Roundtable 27-Mar 4th Tues 12:00 PM ML Sharing PC Knowledge and Experience to Solve Your Problems 
Windows 28-Mar 4th Wed 7:00 PM HTHS-145 A look at Acronis True Image and Macrium Reflect
Word Processing 5-Apr 1st Thurs 6:30 PM ML Changing the Look of a Document​: Change a document’s background​; Change a document’s theme​; Work with templates​; Add headers and footers​; Control what appears on each page. If time permits, how to create a simple Combo Box in Word.
CyberQuickies 7-Apr 1st Sat 10:00 AM Suspended  
QuickBooks 9-Apr 2nd Mon 7:00 PM ML  
Access-VBA 10-Apr 2nd Tues 7:00 PM S. Rand's Home  
Linux 11-Apr 2nd Wed 7:00 PM Basement of Tinton Falls Borough Hall at 556 Tinton Ave, in Community Room B  
Multimedia 12-Apr 2nd Thurs 7:00 PM Steve Miller's house Artificial Intelligence is coming to your smartphone! SnapDragon 700 has built-in fast AI (phones avail in late 2018), a) AI in 80% of smartphones by 2022, b) 10 ways AI will change smartphones; Augmented Reality on Samsung S9 (multiple examples); DEMOS a) Moto Z2 projector (S. Mercurio), b) Phone as desktop (S. Mercurio), c) RING neighborhood protection (Steve). Current agenda is always at http://bcug.smiller.org/
MacWaves 14-Apr 2nd Sat 10:30 AM EPL  
Excel 18-Apr 3rd Wed 7:00 PM HTHS-145  
Graphics 19-Apr 3rd Thurs 6:15PM Manalapan Branch of Monmouth Library at 125 Symmes Dr Bill’s Fun House: Bill Silverman to show some introductory tutorials, PSG and Producer – new version features, Longwood “aqueous terpsichory” – the use of computer graphics in creating a liquid light dance with burning gas too!, new avenues in graphics from the Oct 2017 PhotoPlus Expo – nail art, 2D to 3D, printing on metal, embedding photo in plastic. Lucy to Wife – Just monkeying around! – examples (Michael Jackson, Presidents morphing) of photo morphing and software for doing it.
Internet 23-Apr 4th Mon 7:00 PM HTHS-145  
Database 24-Apr 4th Tues 7:30 PM Suspended until further notice  
PC Roundtable 24-Apr 4th Tues 12:00 PM ML Sharing PC Knowledge and Experience to Solve Your Problems 
Windows 25-Apr 4th Wed 7:00 PM HTHS-145  
BCUG General Meeting 26-Apr 4th Thurs 6:45pm Middletown Library large Community Room  

See Map for building locations for Brookdale locations:
        ATeC: The Advanced Technology Center - park in Lot 6 or 5, walk along satellite dishes
        MAN: Main Area North - park in Lot 4 or 5        
     MAS: Main Academic South Building - park in Lot 6 or 7.
        HTHS: High Technology High School is at southeast end of Lot 4. 

Check www.brookdalecc.edu or www.hths.mcvsd.org for school closings.

ML: Middletown Library; 55 New Monmouth Rd, Middletown

MCLMB: Marlboro branch of the Monmouth County Library, 1 Library Court & Wyncrest Drive, Marlboro, NJ 07746

EPL: Eatontown Public Library, 33 Broad Street, Eatontown, NJ 07724

TFPL: Tinton Falls Public Library, 664 Tinton Avenue, Tinton Falls, NJ 07724

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