Abby Stokes
"Is This Thing On?"
MEETING DATE: August 17, 2012

Our summers in New Jersey are hot, but our General Meetings at MAS-100 are hot, hot, hotter!

This month, we are proud to present Abby Stokes, a well-known APCUG member and long-time teacher and computer user.

Abby Stokes has taken on the role of the Johnny Appleseed of Technology crisscrossing the country (to more than 18 states) to help Digital Immigrants conquer their fear of technology. She’s visited over 81 public libraries, 78 senior centers/computer clubs and hosted 13 webinars in the past 2 1/12 years to personally take the Digitally Challenged by the hand and help them across the Digital Divide. Abby has single-handedly helped 180,000 people online. She has taught courses in basic computing at both Cooper Union and NYU’s School of Lifelong Learning, as well as computer skills to private and corporate clients. A firm believer that “if my mother can learn the computer anyone can,” Abby is confident that everyone can master the computer and navigate the Internet.

Abby Stokes is the author of "Is This Thing On?" A Computer Handbook for Late Bloomers, Technophobes and the Kicking & Screaming. This book has helped to demystify computers for over 140,000 people, including many, many seniors, and will be available for purchase at the August meeting.

Abby helps "digital immigrants" (those baby boomers and beyond not born with a keyboard and mouse in hand) understand what everyone is talking about and how to decide what might work best for them.

Abby’s presentation will focus on two very important aspects of our technical activities:

How To Safely Surf The Internet And Find (Almost) Anything Online - How to get the most out of your searches online; safety, shopping and banking online including recommendations for websites for travel, health, finance, and more. Good Computer Habits - Ergonomics, Netiquette, and How to Make a Difference.

In addition, Abby will discuss online netiquette for e-mail and blogging, tips on how to be sure you're not hurting yourself when on the computer, and how to do good deeds with a click of the mouse. 

If time allows, she will also go over How to Navigate the Ever Changing Landscape of Technology - The digital divide widens with the rapid pace of new innovations and gadgets. What is out there and how it might benefit you can be lost in all the tech talk.

Abby’s teaching style is buoyant, cheerful and encouraging. She will guide us on our way as we learn more about what we can do with our new, or old, computers in this constantly changing environment. She will answer our questions, and present an interesting, lively talk which is sure to be helpful.