Lee Maxwell

Lee Maxwell
"Dr. Gladmax’s tips and advice on teaching people how to use modern computing devices"
MEETING DATE: September 28, 2017


Learn from Dr. Gladmax, BCUG member Lee Maxwell, a professional teacher/tutor, some tips and methods for teaching folks how to use that desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet or other device, and the software on the device, and how to make your lessons more effective and enjoyable.


Ever been asked to teach somebody how to use a Samsung smartphone or an iPad or a Dell laptop? How to get the device onto Wifi or how to update Adobe Flash or how to configure a Gmail account? How did it go? Pleasantly, or frustrating? Wishing you had a teenager around to relieve you of this burden, or wishing folks would just stop asking you for free lessons?

Teaching technology to people need not be a traumatic experience for teacher or student, not if you try out the methods and advice of Dr. Gladmax, a/k.a. Lee Maxwell, long-time computing device instructor and troubleshooter. Lee will discuss how to better teach people to use any working desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet or other computing device, and make lessons effective and enjoyable.

Lee will outline his teach philosophy and methods, including elucidating what the student wants to learn, just-in-time lesson preparation, presenting information effectively, answering student questions while sticking to the lesson plan, resisting temptation to venture off into tangential discussions, using videos and graphics to enhance instruction, solving problems encountered along the way, and ensuring that the student is satisfied at the end of each lesson. At the conclusion of this presentation, attendees will, hopefully, feel better prepared to assume a teaching or tutoring role.

Lee has been a BCUG and MacWaves member for many years, is the co-leader of the MacWaves and Linux Users Group workshops, and is the editor of BCUG Bytes and is one of the webminders of bcug.com. He also is a self-employed computer consultant and troubleshooter, specializing in troubleshooting Macintosh computers but also solving problems on Windows PCs and PCs running Linux, as well as troubleshooting computer graphics, networks and more. He is the volunteer technology coordinator and acting treasurer for Casa Freehold, a non-profit agency in Freehold that helps undocumented immigrants living in the area. He lives in northern Howell Township, after having lived in Asbury Park for 14 years.