Gabe Goldberg
Gabe Goldberg
"What’s a Router and Why Do I Want One?"
MEETING DATE: June 28, 2018

The electronic box connected between your ISP’s wall connection and your home network is almost certainly a router (providing Ethernet ports and WiFi access), or perhaps it’s a router with added capabilities (e.g., modem converting ISP connectivity to Ethernet). You’re hardly alone if you haven’t given it much thought, since it likely "just works", year after year. But routers are complex devices: in fact, they’re computers running operating systems and applications! They’re therefore worth informed decisions about selection and configuration, and need occasional software updating or replacement to fix problems, improve performance, and (especially) close security exposures. This presentation will answer the question posed above and help understand and exploit router features.

Gabe’s enjoyed serving as APCUG Region 2 Advisor for longer than he can remember. In that role, he’s liaison for APCUG Association of Personal Computer User Groups) to groups in NJ/DE/MD/DC/VA/NC/WV/PA. He evangelizes for user groups, believing that user groups are an antidote to feeling alone with technical activities, challenges, problems, and triumphs.

He supports many national and local user groups. He served as Director of (Meeting) Programs for Washington, DC-area CPCUG, when it was one of the oldest and largest United States PC user groups, where he organized and chaired the internet SIG. In addition, he served on User Support Team for CPCUG’s domain and on CPCUG’s Board Of Directors. He was founding member and director of several local user groups, and held volunteer management jobs in an international IBM user group. He’s given hundreds of presentations to these and other groups and conferences. He facilitated and helped exploit donations of commercial hardware and software to user groups. He’s presently Director and APCUG Representative for PATACS, Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society.

As a technology writer, editor, and consultant, he’s written for many consumer and industry publication and audiences from consumers to computer professionals.

He worked for a small software company as VP of Technology and Business Development, responsible for product planning, evolution, and development, along with documentation and customer support.

He also worked in the leading-edge data center of a federally chartered not-for-profit consulting organization where he developed widely used software tools aiding other installations’ mainframe use; before that he designed and developed operating systems at IBM.

Gabe shared responsibility for AARP’s online Computers and Technology Web site and forums; before that, he co-hosted America Online’s advanced Internet forum. He volunteers with his county’s law enforcement and for other community organizations.