Alfred Poor
Alfred Poor
"Healthy Worker, Happy Company: The growing role of employee health monitoring"
MEETING DATE: September 27, 2018

6:45PM - 8:45PM in
The Middletown Library Computer Lab
55 New Monmouth Road, Middletown, NJ 07748

It just makes sense that healthy workers will result in better outcomes for their employers. Reduced time lost to sickness, improved productivity, lower healthcare and insurance costs: all contribute directly to the bottom line. Companies are buying fitness bands and smart watches by the carload. But are these employee wellness programs working? This program relies heavily on published research results to prove whether or not these investments are worthwhile. Are we just seeing the benefits of novelty, or are there lasting gains to be made from such programs? And what about the negative effects, such as employers intruding into what are traditional areas of personal privacy? What are we willing to pay in order to lower healthcare costs?

Alfred Poor is the editor of Health Tech Insider (, a website and newsletter that covers wearable and mobile devices for health and medical applications, along with supporting technology. He is a full-time technology speaker and writer, and has been a frequent presenter at BCUG in recent years. A graduate of Harvard College, he is the author or co-author of more than a dozen books including titles for Microsoft Press and Addison Wesley. He has an international reputation for making complex concepts accessible to audiences in ways that they can put to immediate, practical use.