Bob Gostischa

Bob Gostischa
"Updated tips for staying safe online, preventing ransomware & identity theft"
MEETING DATE: October 25, 2018

6:45PM - 8:45PM in
The Middletown Library Computer Lab
55 New Monmouth Road, Middletown, NJ 07748


Presenter Bob Gostischa returns to present updated information on why and how things that are connected to the Internet need to be secured and protected. Learn to use the tools that make visiting the Internet safe and enjoyable.


The Avast website has a discussion and help forum where Bob has helped with security-related and general computer issues since 2004. He has contributed over 35,000 forum interactions. Avast Antivirus S.R.O. is currently the most used antivirus software in the world. Avast has been making security software for over 25 years and has more than 400 million users worldwide. You can learn a little more about Bob’s presentations and passions in his Blog and his YouTube channel.