Avram Grossman
“A PC User‘s Guide for Avoiding
the Grief of Losing Your Information”
Thursday, Jan. 28, 2021
6:45PM - 8:45PM in
via Zoom virtual meeting.
Avram Grossman headshot


Many of us in the IT profession seem to have very few problems with our own personal computers and laptops. Yet our clients seem to get a dizzying assortment of computer errors and issues. What is the difference between our computers and the computers our clients use?

As a colleague once said,

  • Computers don‘t break themselves, People do it.
  • Are you treating your computer with the respect it deserves?
  • Do you fear your computer because you don‘t understand how it works and what it is doing?
  • Are you not sure what is the best way to use your computer and do you know how to avoid losing your information?

This presentation will help you understand what the technology is that goes into making your personal computer work. You'll learn some simple steps to improve the way you use your PC. Knowledge is power, and you are the master of your PC.

About Avram Grossman, President/CTO, E-Novative

Avram Grossman founded E-Novative in 1999, after having established the Internet Division for Samsung America Inc., Los Angeles, in 1996. “SAILAhead” was later acquired by the corporate office in Korea and grew to some 5,000 employees world-wide. Author, “Keep Your PC Running Like New”.