Bill Chriss double headshot

Bill Chriss
“Looking Forward and Back”
Thursday, January 27, 2022
6:45PM - 8:45PM in
via Zoom virtual meeting.


Bill Chriss will discuss, at the January BCUG General Meeting, "Looking Forward and Back" at the current trends in the personal technology experience; looking back at past trends as well as looking forward to new ones, and how those trends have affected how we live and work. You may remember Bill’s previous presentations to the club where he described the personal computing and Internet experience at those points in time and how they changed how we communicated and “computed”.

This presentation on Thursday, Jan. 27, looks at the state, going into 2022, of personal technology, nee computing, experience and the trends that drive this experience. He’ll offer some provocative discussion about the issues and opportunities provided by those advances.

Bill’s Background

Bill is a BCUG member who has a long history of personal computing, from the days of the Atari 400, and the Internet, running the UNIX version of the Mosaic browser on a SUN workstation before the PC version was available.

While professionally he developed computers that masquerade as business telephones, his home hobbyshop is filled with several computers with various operating systems and applications and a smart phone and tablet that gives him a computing and communications experience while on the move.